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An election process (for board members of ISCA) was developed and subsequently approved by a joint merger committee (composed of ASTA & NSCS board members representing their respective memberships).  

This process was then accepted during the formation of ISCA.  This process involved presenting to the new ISCA membership a slate of officers and board members and asked for either a vote for or against the entire slate.  The initial election was done this way so that both of the prior merging organizations would be equally represented at the start of the new organization.  This was a condition that both of the prior boards (representing their memberships) required in order for the merger to go through. 

Recently, several ISCA members raised the question as to the appropriateness of the present election process because 

1) it was an all or nothing vote for the entire slate (meaning that a member could not vote yes or no for individual candidates)

2) it appeared that everyone was being elected to serve for a period of three years.  

To some, this seemed unfair.  It seemed to be an unreasonably long time for an unopposed slate to be elected to office and it also did not allow others a chance to be elected to an officer or board position.  This matter has been reviewed by the present interim ISCA board - two separate votes were taken concerning different elements of this matter and the following is in response to the decision of the interim board:


It has been determined that the election ballot that has been presented to the membership will continue as presented.  If the present slate is ratified by the membership in the current election that is occurring, then the term of office will only be until the end of the year or until newly elected officers/board members are inducted.  

It was felt that this met the intent of the joint merger committee (which was a condition placed by both boards in order for the merger to occur) and it also addressed the concerns that were recently presented.  The ISCA by laws state that the term of office will be three years, however, the interim board has already agreed by a full board vote to have staggered terms. It has also already been agreed that some of the next elected officers/board members will only serve for one year, some for two years and some for three years. The election process will be discussed at the June board meeting (to be held at the Las Vegas TOR the weekend of June 15th) and all members wishing to do so, can voice their opinion and provide input on the election process.   It is anticipated that the election process will then be published in the next published newsletter (which would be the September issue) and that candidates and a new ballot would be presented in the December issue.  It is also anticipated that the newly elected officers/board members would be inducted at the January board meeting (at the Dallas TOR) to start serving their terms.

Note: If the present slate is not ratified by the membership in the 
present election, then the present officers/board would still serve in an
interim capacity until the above steps are taken.


Anyone wishing to comment on the election process should direct their comments to Chairman Ron Aldridge (noacman@aol.com).

Craig Leighty, President
International Scouting Collectors Association (ISCA)
1012 Bartlett Place
Pleasanton, CA  94566
(408) 925-1261 (Day)
(925) 484-0602 (Evening)
E-mail: Craig.Leighty@gmail.com

Last updated: April 10, 2001  



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