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                                           where we came from…

By Doug Krutilek 
   email: Doug3Toe@aol.com 


With the formation of the International Scouting Collector’s Association we should take time to look back at our origins.

In 1953, at the National Jamboree, the roots of the newsletter The Trader were laid down. It’s organizers thought it would be a good idea to organize traders and to publish a newsletter. They wanted to guard against fakes, invite comments and publish a newsletter. Mike Diamond was the first editor, followed by Forest Reynolds, Paul Meyers, Dave Leubitz, and Guy Hatfield amongst others. In 1978 The Trader was merged with Scouting Collectors Quarterly. The Scouting Collectors Quarterly began with the Texan Traders Den, which published the Traderoo Magazine. This publication gave way to the Scouting Collectors Magazine, with the National Scouting Collectors Association [later to be named the National Scouting Collectors Society (NSCS)] as the sponsoring organization.

The humble beginnings of The Trader led to the current magazine style publication, with articles by nationally recognized collectors.

In the West, in 1969 the California Traders Association was founded, at the 12-D Conference, with the idea of promoting communication between traders and collectors. In 1970 it became the Region Twelve Traders Association. In 1972 the name was changed to the Western Traders Association. This name remained until a merger with the Southern California Association of Traders in 1984-5. SCAT was founded in 1973 as the Southern California Traders Association, the name was changed to SCAT in 1975 so it would be easier to remember. For one year in 1985 the organization was simply called WTA/SCAT. In 1985 WTA/SCAT changed its name, once again, to the American Scouting Traders Association (ASTA).

ASTA has become nationally known for its articles aimed towards the collector. ASTA has led in working with the National Order of the Arrow Conferences since 1990, establishing a presence at Founders Day and in coordinating and organizing the trading events at the conferences.

The California Traders Association started as an eight-page mimeographed paper. By 1985 membership had grown to over 400 members when the ASTA name was taken. In 1994 ASTA reached the milestone mark of 1,000 members.

Now both of these long-standing organizations have merged to form the International Scouting Collectors Association (ISCA).

Today the merged organization boasts over 1,500 members, with issues being sent to all 50 states and over 11 Scouting countries worldwide.

From humble mimeographed beginnings we have seen the newsletters grow and improve. The addition of photos was a leap, then the size and format of the newsletters has changed. 1996 saw the introduction of full color covers and internal pages [on a selected basis]. The production process has progressed from typewritten, to ‘cut and paste,’ and now on computer with the data being sent to the printer electronically.

In the past few years we have seen the development of our Web-Site with full color scans and member information available on-line.

While it is hard to tell what future will hold for the ISCA, we have the track record of being up to the task. As we look back at almost 50 years of history, we look forward.

It is important to look back, and remember that it all started with a patch[es]…..

This information is compiled with historical information from Ken Wiltz [AstaReport Vol. 10, No. 1], Raymond Lee [SCQ Vol. 18, No. 4] Joe Maloy and Dave Minnihan.


 click on picture to enlarge Issue

Border Background Description

 TraderOrigArt.jpg (12582 bytes)
Original Art


Neckerchief Slide - Handmade – Circa 1957 [designed by Joe Maloy] – wood with painted alphabet soup noodles for lettering

NS2     Neckerchief Slide - same as N1 but made of plastic
 TraderNC1.jpg (12845 bytes) NC1   LBL The Traders WWW
  Chenille     Same design as  NS2
TraderR1.jpg (14815 bytes) R1 BLK WHT “California Trade-O-Ree 1970 Santa Cruz County”
Region 12
Reg12R1.jpg (13455 bytes) R1 BLK HWT

“Region 12 Trade-O-Ree 1971” “Santa Monica, CA.”

Reg12X1.jpg (19036 bytes)


“Region Twelve Traders Association" 


 TraderooJ1.jpg (11006 bytes) J1 BLK ORG

In the shape of Texas

“The Texas Traders Den”
 TraderooJ2.jpg (17779 bytes) J2 BLK WHT

Bicentennial  1776-1976
“Trading is Great in Brotherhood”

 TraderooF1.jpg (24640 bytes) F1 BLK ORG 1970 “National Traders  World Badgers”
 TraderooF2.jpg (22002 bytes) F2 BLK LBL “Traderoo  Houston Texas”
 TraderooS1.jpg (24556 bytes) S1 BLK WHT “Universal Trading Dens Traderoo”
  No Known Issues      
  ? - patch *      
  ? - Celluloid button *     multi colored 
 WTA R1.jpg (18605 bytes) R1 RED WHT

Gold Mylar Fleur-des-Lis

“WTA/SCAT Founded 1970”


WTA Pin.jpg (6189 bytes)

Cloisonne Pin   M/C same as R1
NSCS Arm1.jpg (23819 bytes) ARM1 RED WHT

1996 N.O.A.C. Trading Staff 
[Joint A.S.T.A. and N.S.C.S. effort]

ASTA X1.jpg (21675 bytes) X1 RED M/C "American Scouting Traders Association Founded 1970"
ASTA X2.jpg (21712 bytes) X2 NBL M/C "American Scouting Traders Association Founded 1970"

ASTA_ID1.jpg (21901 bytes)

ID1   BLU Identification Badge
Black Letters
1994 N.O.A.C. Trading Staff
2 1/8" wide

ASTA_ID2.jpg (28009 bytes)

ID2   YEL Identification Badge -  Black Letters
1996 N.O.A.C. Trading Staff 
2 1/8" wide

ASTA Arm2.jpg (14627 bytes)

ARM2 RMY RMY  '98 NOAC Trading Staff ASTA

Cloisonne Pin BLK RED Same as ARM1
ASTA_ID3a.jpg (36874 bytes) ID3a   WHT Identification Badge
 Multi-Color Letters
1998 N.O.A.C. Trading Staff - ASTA Officer  - 2 3/4" wide
ASTA_ID3b.jpg (31500 bytes) ID3b   WHT Identification Badge
Multi-Color Letters
1998 N.O.A.C. Trading Staff - Monitor - 2 1/8" wide
ASTA_ID3c.jpg (33019 bytes) ID3c   WHT Identification Badge
Multi-Color Letters
1998 N.O.A.C. Boxer Award Recipient
2 3/4" wide
ASTA S1.jpg (14551 bytes) S1 RED LBL "ASTA NOAC 2000 Memorabilia Staff"
ASTA S2.jpg (14218 bytes) S2 WHT LBL "ASTA NOAC 2000 Memorabilia Staff"

ASTA Arm3.jpg (31899 bytes)

ARM3 NBL M/C "ASTA NOAC 2000 Memorabilia Staff"

ASTA Button.jpg (8770 bytes)

Celluloid button      Same as ARM2

ASTA_ID4a.jpg (17425 bytes)

ID4a    WHT Identification Badge Multi-Color Letters
2000 N.O.A.C. Memorabilia Staff
Officer -  3 1/4" wide

ASTA_ID4b.jpg (11644 bytes)

ID4b    WHT Identification Badge  Multi-Color Letters
2000 N.O.A.C. Memorabilia Staff
Monitor - 2 1/8" wide
2001 -


ARM1 BLK M/C ISCA Armband - NOAC 2002


R1 BLU M/C ISCA pocket patch - NOAC 2002


S1 RED   ISCA flap - NOAC 2002


S2 GMY   ISCA flap - NOAC 2002

ISCA_Woven_Patch.jpg (18205 bytes)

W1   BEIGE ISCA Pocket Patch - M/C lettering  "International Scouting Collectors Association" - Woven

ISCA_NJ2001_Patch.jpg (18339 bytes)

W2   BEIGE ISCA Pocket Patch - M/C lettering  "International Scouting Collectors Association - 2001 National Scout Jamboree - Fort A. P. Hill USA" - Woven

ISCA_ID_Officers.jpg (11986 bytes)

ID1a   BEIGE Officers Name Badge - design based on W1

ISCA_ID_Members.jpg (12318 bytes)

ID1b   BEIGE Members Name Badge - design based on W1
  P1     Pinback


Last updated: October 13, 2002



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