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NOAC 2000

NOAC 2000 is now nothing more than a memory. We witnessed possibly one of the largest Trade-O-Ree's ever. We recruited over 350 new members and they all received the brand new Blue Book III™ on CD-ROM

ASTA once again provided a booth at the pre-NOAC TOR, in the trading area at NOAC as well as special displays in the museum displays at this years conference. We would like to thank all the volunteers who helped monitor the trading areas, man the ASTA booth, helped with the displays, etc. etc. etc. All the volunteers had the opportunity to purchase the ASTA staff arm band and pocket flaps. Below are some pictures from the different trading activities ASTA helped out with. Enjoy the memories

Did you miss out on NOAC 2000, check out the National OA web site for all the details. Don't forget NOAC 2002, the dates are July 27 through August 1, 2002 and will be hosted once again at the University of Indiana - Bloomington. And while not scheduled yet, we're sure to see yet another great pre-NOAC TOR in the days leading to the conference. Check the TOR calendar often for dates.

See all the NOAC 2000 flap images on the web at the Internet Guide to OA Insignia website. For flap images from the 1998 NOAC, see  NOAC 1998 - History through Stitches.

and now some images of NOAC 2000 . . .



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