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ISCA and the 2002 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC)

By Craig Leighty

Late last year, we submitted a proposal that would potentially once again involve ISCA in a number of NOAC and Pre-NOAC activities. I'm happy to report that ISCA will indeed again be participating in a number of areas as delineated below. If you are going to attend NOAC this summer (July 27 - August 1 at the Indiana University, Bloomington, IN), please consider helping out in a number of ways.

Our involvement is in six (6) different areas:

  1. Coordination of the officially designated patch trading area at NOAC (evenings, typically after the show)

  2. A Scouting memorabilia information/resource booth and display at the founders Day Fair (July 31st all day)

  3. A Scouting memorabilia information/resource booth and display at the Camping and High Adventure Expo (July 29 - 30 afternoons and all day on the 31st)

  4. A display at the OA museum reinforcing the fact that Scouting memorabilia helps to preserve the history of the Scouting movement & the ISCA ETHICS policy which stresses honest and trustworthy trades (July 28 - 31)

  5. In partnership with the OA museum committee, the providing of ISCA support personnel to act as docents (and security support) at the OA museum during open hours (July 28 - 30 afternoons and all day on the 31st)

  6. A Scouting memorabilia information/resource booth and display at the Pre-NOAC trade-o-ree (July 24 - 27).

Our objective is to provide a national presence for our organization to help in the promotion of the history of Scouting through the hobby of collecting Scouting memorabilia including patches; to promote ETHICAL conduct in patch & memorabilia collecting & trading; to provide assistance on an as required basis for memorabilia collecting and trading; and specifically, we've stated that it is hoped that the trading of patches and other Scouting memorabilia is viewed as a complement to the NOAC program and experience. We have stated that we would strive to keep patch trading in it's proper perspective consistent with "National policy and practices".

Now for a few more of the details and how you can help:

  1. Coordination of the officially designated patch trading area is typically our most visible activity. We're responsible for setting up the area and then to monitor it to make sure that the activity goes smoothly. Usually we have about 8 - 10 personnel on duty in shifts to help with the setup and then the monitoring of the area (wandering around with an ISCA NOAC staff ID badge just to make sure nothing abnormal happens). We'll post signs stating our ethics policy and also the official policy for youth to adult trading. We've been coordinating the trading area for NOAC since 1990.

  2. Founders Day Fair information booth - since 1992, we've had a booth at the founders Day extravaganza. It operates all day. We'll need help to set it up and then of course 3 - 4 people are required all day long (in probably 2 - 3 hour shifts) to staff it. We pass out information stressing the ethics in patch trading, solicit new members (they can trade patches for a membership) and give away patches (that have been donated by ISCA members) to each youth that visits the booth.

  3. Camping and High Adventure Expo booth - at the last NOAC, we set up and staffed a booth (almost identical to the booth at Founders Day in this area with a lot of outside vendors). It was a huge success and we're doing it again. The booth runs for several days and therefore we will need more ISCA members to assist.

  4. OA Museum - setup of a static display in the museum promoting our hobby, our organization and of course ethics in the conduct of trading and collecting Scouting memorabilia.

  5. OA Museum - we've forged a partnership with the Special Events NOAC committee to assist the OA Museum accomplish it's goals. As we did at the last NOAC, we have been asked to provide docents and personnel to assist in maintaining the security at the museum when it is open (every afternoon starting on Sunday and continuing through Wednesday). ISCA members that are assisting will be invited to a special advance showing of the museum on Sunday morning. They'll also be eligible to purchase an official OA Museum official staff patch. From 10 - 15 people will be on duty in shifts at any point in time.

  6. Pre-NOAC Trade-O-Ree - Another booth, this time prior to NOAC. Non NOAC participants can help out in this booth. It will be similar to the founders Day & High Adventure booths - to promote our organization and solicit memberships. We can accept cash and credit cards for new members in addition to trading patches for a membership. We'll need 3 - 4 people in shifts all day long when the trade-o-ree is open.

As you can see, we're going to have another very full NOAC. Chris Jensen is the overall coordinator for all of the above activities. If you can assist (or even think that you might be able to) or have any questions about volunteering, please contact Chris and get your name on the NOAC ISCA staff volunteer list. He can be reached at: cjensen@MINDSPRING.COM (preferred) or at: P.O. Box 1841, Easley, SC 29641-1841, phone (864) 859-2915. If you know how and when you'd like to work, please indicate your preference. He'll be in touch with you to confirm the details.

All ISCA persons serving on staff in any way will be entitled to purchase the special commemorative NOAC ISCA staff patches. ISCA members who volunteer in advance of NOAC will be provided with a personalized NOAC ISCA staff identification badge.




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