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It's amazing, a simple piece of cloth with a few stitches of colorful threads sewn into its intricate crevices is born unto Scouting for yet another memorable National Scouting Event. Yes we'll remember the friends we made, the 2 a.m. pizza parties, the training and the never ending rain, but we bring home in a simple piece of cloth and stitches the memories that will last us a lifetime. It's not some stitches thrown around, it's a piece of art, crafted by the most meticulous of patch designers. A designer imagining how the final product would look and how the stitches would become not only the signature of his dedicated handiwork, but the signature of his Lodge. The value in the stitches is not in the cloth, but in the memories we will cherish.

These pages represent the efforts of fellow ASTA members at NOAC in an attempt to catalog all known memorabilia from this year's conference. We believe that we have catalogued 99% of the memorabilia from the 1998 conference. Please use these images as a reference for identifying your mementos. And don't forget, we'll do this all over again in 2000. C'ya in Knoxville!

P.S. We know we did not scan every issue out there. Is your special Lodge NOAC issue missing? If so, send us a scan of that patch to us by email (Preferable file format is jpeg, but we can convert most any format into the jpeg format.

Last site update 01/19/99 05:28 PM. All images scanned at NOAC have been uploaded.


A NOAC History in Stitches is presented by the American Scouting Traders Association.
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