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The OA Insignia Guide (OAIG), formerly called Blue Book, has now been released for use. The new rules (and a supporting document that provides additional support information) was initially generated by a Standards Committee comprised of seasoned collectors. This was then presented to the hobby and updates/changes were made based input, and then tested (both the rules and the master website/database) by a number of volunteer editors.

So, now we are finally ready to go - the last update to blue book was done in 2006, so we have a lot of catching up to do (and in a lot of cases, changes to the existing/old listings to correct and streamline things from the past). Besides the Standards Committee and an Editors Committee, there is also an approval process for Editor updates and changes and an "Apeals Process/Committee" if people disagree with things. All new and updated listings will be listed with a "new" ID # as explained in the updated rules (i.e.: S-1 versus the old designation of S1). National Editor, Aaron Bishop, along with the Regional Coordinators are presently working on rolling out the process to volunteer lodge editors. To get involved, click on the "sign me up" link below

NOTE: The PDF format requires the Adobe Acrobat reader software available for free from the Adobe web site.

OAIG Rules and Guidelines dated 5/5/2017
Adobe PDF

OAIG Support and Overview dated 5/5/2017
Adobe PDF

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Just list the lodge name and number and/or the state or regional area you would be willing to serve as an editor Note: Anyone can submit images or information on any lodge Sign me up!

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