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Please fill out the below form to have your Trade-O-Ree or Scout Memorabilia Show listed in the ISCA TOR Calendar. Filling out this form will have the event listed both on the website and in the Journal

Website updates will be made within 15 days. Journal listing will be in
 the next issue, as long as received before the Journal's cutoff dates
January 1st -- April 1st -- July 1st -- October 1st


Submitted by: 
(name & email): 
Event Name:
Location City:
Location State: 
(Be Specific!)
Admission Charge:
Table Fee:
Contact Name 1:
Contact 1 Info: 
(phone, email, address)
Contact Name 2:
Contact 2 Info:
(phone, email, address)   
Near by hotel Info:
(name, phone number,
 special price, etc)
Is this an ISCA sponsored event? Yes   No
Would you like to info on ISCA sponsorship or display contests? Yes   No
Other Information:
(The more the better!)



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