ISCA Journal Advertising Information
Insertion Rates   One Quarter   Two Quarters Three Quarters   One YEAR *
Quarter Page   $41.25   $82.50   $123.75   $165.00    
Half Page     $82.50   $165.00   $247.50   $330.00    
Full Page       $165.00   $330.00   $495.00   $660.00    
Inside Front and Back cover ad - $500.00 per quarter, Not Discounted
* Discount of 10% for one years commitment - Paid In Full In Advance of First Publication
Cover Sponsor / Back Page [Color] $700.00   Per Insertion, Not Discounted      
Submissions should be made to the ISCA Journal Editor. Materials can be submitted by email/mail or by using the online submission form below..
  * Text should be submitted through e-mail, or on disk, in a text file or MS-WORD form. PC platform only.
  * Images should be submitted separately and not embedded in text files. All images must be scanned at 300 dpi and saved at a high quality, in a .tif or .jpg format. If there are limited images, high quality hard copy can be submitted.
  * A desired layout can be submitted, but ISCA reserves the right to edit material or layout.
  * All submissions must be made in advance of the submission deadline. No exceptions will be made.
  * The editor is available to assist writers regarding the preparation of articles and submission of materials.
  * Submission materials will be returned if requested. The International Scouting Collectors Association, Inc. retains copyright over all materials published in the ISCA Journal, unless express written permission for use is given.

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September Issue   July 1
December Issue    October 1

Current Ad Issue: December

To advertise in the next Journal, please contact the Journal Editor at

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