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Frequently asked questions about the ISCA membership process

How do I join?

Just go to and click on the Become a Member link. You can fill in and submit your application on line using Paypal or a credit card or download a PDF applicationa to fill in and send in with a check or money order.

What happens after I send in my application?

The application goes to ISCA's VP of Finance where the dues are deposited and an ISCA membership number is assigned. Twice each month, applications are batched and sent to the membership VP to update the records and make sure you're on the list to receive the quarterly ISCA Journal. If you've included an e-mail (preferred) you'll get an e-mail (batched once a month) completing the process.

What about renewals?

Renewals are processed in the same manner.

I forgot to renew and missed a couple of the journals. Can I backdate my membership and have them sent to me?

We have accomodated such requests in the past, but it has led to confusion and sometimes disputes on when the backdated renewal should expire. It also costs ISCA extra for the higher first class postage not covered by the dues to send a single copy. We will continue to send back copies where we've made an error in the records, but otherwise renewals will be on a going forward basis only and you will have to purchase the back issues you want from the ISCA store. Better yet, watch your Journal label and renew before it expires.

What are the deadlines for renewals?

Your membership expires on the date noted on your Journal mailing label (March 31, June 30, Septemebr 30 and December 30). If your membership lapses and you don't renew prior to the label closing dates for the next issue of the Journal, you will have to buy any back issues you want from the ISCA store. Mailing labels close on the following dates:

  • March issue - February 1
  • June issue - May 1
  • September issue -August 1
  • December issue - November 1

We sometimes hold the labels open for a few days past the deadline, but not always, so ontime renewal is important to keep the Journal coming on time.

How do I get listed in the membership roster and in the web search?

These documents are generally updated quartely now, when mailing labels for the journal are generated. If time permits, we will try to update these features monthly, but no promises for now.

How do I update my information in the records?

The easiest way is to submit your data using the change in membership form. Or you can send an email to the membership VP at the address found on the Contact Us page.


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