ISCA and TSPA Partner for Boy Scout OA Catalog

ISCA and TSPA Partner for Boy Scout OA Catalog

Dallas, Texas, June 27, 2013 The International Scouting Collectors Association (ISCA), and The Scout Patch Auction (TSPA), announce a new collaborative partnership to develop the next generation of Order of the Arrow issues catalog. At its June 23rd meeting, the ISCA Board approved the agreement in the final step to move this effort forward.


"Our goal is to expand upon the existing work which has been known in the past as "Blue Book" while correcting some of its weaknesses and problems" said Roy More President of TSPA. Craig Leighty, President of ISCA, added "this collaborative partnership will move forward for the hobby a representative effort to set standards and validate issues for the collector and to finally address some of the new matters, such as how to identify a lodge that has no number."


ISCA will establish processes and procedures through the use of sub-committees within its structure, and will solicit volunteers for standardizing and validating issues and resolving conflicts around issues.ISCA will also lead the effort to identify editors for each lodge by utilizing its' already established regional structure. All of the procedures and administrative information such as definitions will be maintained on the ISCA website ( and TSPA will maintain and provide technical support for the on-line catalog and derivative information needs. With the existing site,, any collector can submit issues, historical information about existing issues, upload images, and flag problems with the existing catalog. Updates automatically post to Facebook. Over 200 hobbyists have added thousands of issues and pieces of information including previously undocumented areas like lodge totem pins, jewelry, special neckerchiefs with patches and other OA lodge memorabilia.


Editors exist for many lodges and regions but more are needed. Those interested in serving as a lodge, or area coordinator/editor should contact Bill Loeble of ISCA. If you are interested in being considered for one of the sub-committees, i.e.: standards or validation or wish to be involved in any other way, please send an email to Craig Leighty.Questions about this can be directed to Craig Leighty at or Roy More.


ISCA is the largest organized Boy Scout memorabilia collector's group in the US. It traces its roots back over forty years. It produces a quarterly journal for the hobby. Its website is


TSPA is the largest dealer of Scouting memorabilia having served the hobby since 1986. It has produced numerous reference works for the hobby and is regularly retained for identification and valuation purposes. It maintains the OA reference web-site Its website is



Craig Leighty

President, International Scouting Collector's Association (ISCA)



Roy More

President, The Scout Patch Auction


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