References and Resources

Memorabilia References

Billy Moore Scouting Museum
Pictures of many of the different handbooks and other Boy Scout and Cub Scout literature.

BSA Badge History

Pictures of different old rank and position badges.

Hat Diamonds
Pictures of  diamond shape embroidered badges that have appeared on BSA caps over the years. Includes official BSA hats, councils, camps, and high adventure bases and national events.

Hat Patches

Pictures of different "Hat Shaped" patches issued by Scout camps and councils

Hornaday Award History

History, timeline and pictures of pictures of Hornaday Award.

Northern Wisconsin Canoe Base

A history and memorabilia from the Region 7 Canoe Base / Northern Wisconsin National Canoe Base

Patch Trends

The Online Boy Scout Patch and Memorabilia Price Database

Patrol Insignia

Pictures of the different patrol ribbons and patches.


Pictures of the memorabilia from the Philmont High Adventure base.

Scouting at the Worlds Fair

History  and pictures of the Scouting memorabilia from the different Worlds Fairs.

Scouting License Plates

This website is dedicated to License plates with Scouting themes. 

Sea Scout Insignia

Pictures of many of the old pins and patches from the Sea Scout and Sea Explorer programs.

Sea Scout Literature

Pictures of many of the books from the Sea Scout and Sea Explorer programs.

Senior Scouting
A history of Senior Scouting programs in the BSA. This site is dedicated to recording this various "Senior Scouting" Programs (for those 13/14 and older) in the Boy Scouts of America.  Since its establishment in 1910, many such programs have come and gone.  Here we try to give a history of these programs, what they were about, and their insignia, uniforms, literature, and more. Topics covered: Senior Scouts, Sea Scouts/Sea Scouts/Sea Explorers/Sea Scouts, Rover Scouts, Air Scouts/Air Explorers/Aviation Exploring, Explorer Scouts, Explorers, Exploring, Senior Scouts/Explorers in Troops,  Senior Degree Honor Society, Emergency Service, Leadership Corps, Varsity Scouts, Venture/Varsity, Venturing, LFL/Exploring

Silver Beaver Award Medals
Information and pictures of the different varieties of the Silver Beaver Award Medals - 1931 to present.

The Troop Librarian
Pictures of many of the different handbooks and BSA Diaries - 1910 to present.

Totin Chip Award
Pictures and information of the different "Totin Chip" cards and patches issued  over the years.

Virtual Boy Scout Museum
A "Virtual Boy Scout" museum dedicated to Boy Scouting in America from 1910 to 1919. Contains memorabilia, pictures, descriptions and history from the early  programs.

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