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Scouting Memorabilia Display Recognition

The Scouting Memorabilia Display Recognition is presented by ISCA to help recognize Scouters who have taken that extra step in our hobby of sharing their Memorabilia with others.

We all have "our collection" which in part is a step in the preservation of our Scouting Heritage. For many of us, this collection is at home in binders, boxes or even a bunch of plastic lunch bags. But those who take the extra step in sharing that information with others, it seems appropriate that they deserve some extra recognition.

ISCA has developed a Certificate (download links on the right side of this page) that can be used to recognize Scouters if their display (when entered into a display competition) is deemed worthy of competition. Typically, this would include a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in any number of categories, but the award structure is really at the discretions of those running the event. ISCA would normally expect display competitions to occur at trade-o-rees and/or auctions, however, they can occur anywhere it is deemed desirable to have one (i.e. Scout-O-Ramas, Order of the Arrow Section Conclaves, etc.)

Display categories have been developed in part based on the Scouting Collecting codes that everyone selects when they become a member of ISCA and are shown in the "Display Competition Entry Form" (also downloadable on the right of this page).

Also downloadable is the "Memorabilia Display Judging Form." There are five standard judging criteria and an optional category may also be added at the discretion of the event organizers.

The judging categories and a short definition of each is as follows:

  • Educational Value: Education of the viewer, labeling of the items, descriptive information that will tell the viewer about the items being developed.
  • Visual Impact: First impression of the display, neatness, layout, overall impact to the viewer.
  • Historical Significance: historical significance to the preservation of our Scouting heritage.
  • Rarity: Degree of difficulty of collecting the items for display, dates of issue, number of items issued, etc.
  • Complete/Thorough: % complete compared to number of different items issued.
Each criteria for each display is rated by judges (typically 3 or 4) on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being "perfection." Judges are chosen based on their objectivity and expertise in the hobby and are encouraged to discuss judging standards prior to judging the displays. It may also be appropriate to award a "Best of Show" or other special awards as applicable

An ISCA representative (any officer from ISCA such as an ISCA Area Vice President or their designee) should be present to administer the display competition including the choosing of judges and the awarding of certificates.

The Award Certificate and the forms are available for download and reproduction from the links above. If you have any questions, just contact an ISCA officer.

The ISCA Memorabilia
Display Competition Package

This package consists of a judging form and award certificate that can be presented at your ISCA sponsored TOR event. These forms are available in Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) format so you can customize the forms for your specific use, such as adding the name of the Trade-O-Ree and the dates and location.

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