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There comes a time that we run across a piece of Memorabilia that stumps us. In fact, it stumps a whole bunch of us as to what a particular piece is, where it came from, who issued it, what was it for, etc. Below are items that have been submitted for identification. If you have a piece that you can not identify or can help solve one of the mysteries below,  please send us a email and we will try to list it here.


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The only thing I know about the patch is that it is from an estate of a gentleman who lived in the DC area. The patch is 123mm round and made out of black felt with gold flocking. I originally thought it might be from camp Wilson which belonged to the National Capital Area Council and sent a scan of the patch to Michael Bowman who is the webmaster of their site. He had me send a copy of the scan to Dave Eby. Michael also sent copies to several other people. So far, the patch is still unidentified. Might be a camp or might be an early honor society. Any help in identifying what it is would be appreciated.

Fred Lang Jr.


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This white felt patch came from a Scouter in #114 Stigwandish. He had a few trader patches and could have traded for it. It probably had something to do with Chick A Gami Camp out of #386 Tapawingo. OA? 368. Long shot 180?

Conley Williams

what-eagle-rob0.jpg (19938 bytes)

what-eagle-rob0a.jpg (4372 bytes)

what-eagle-rob0b.jpg (6178 bytes)
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I recently picked up an eagle medal that has a ROB-1a scroll with a LARGE CLASP and a pendant that looks like a D&C. At first it was believed that this was just a composite medal that someone put together. I have since located 2 others. Could this possibly be a ROB 0 ???

Again the way to identify this medal is the back of the scroll has a large clasp and is stamped STERLING and the back of the pendant does not show detail feathers like all the other Robbins medals.

Please let us know if you own one like this.

Mitch Reis

(Click on the picture to enlarge)

I have 2 of these medals. The larger one is 37mm high and the smaller one is only 15mm high. The back has the following in raised letters: "BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA - SEA SCOUTS - BE PREPARED - 1913". These medals were found in the Massachusetts / Rhode Island area.

Mitch Reis

(Click on the picture to enlarge)

I bought this patch years ago from a woman whose husband was a Scout in the teens. The lot had a bunch of early BSA merit badges and pins. I told her at first that this patch was not Boy Scout. Then I turned it over and saw the official BSA stamp on the back.

Mitch Reis

(Click on the picture to enlarge)

Tiny 15mm tall silver pin with eagle in front of an arrowhead. On one side is the letter "T" and the other side is the number "1".  There is a small vertical locking clasp on back.

Mitch Reis

what-horseshoe52.jpg (47751 bytes)
(Click on the picture to enlarge)

This seems to be an early patch using the BSA fdl. It's on the khaki-tan material prevalent in early BSA nationally issued patches and insignia. There does appear to be a thread-break in white (missing right hand star) and perhaps red and blue thread for the center shield. Is is a specialty national patch, a camp patch or what?

Kevin Doyle

what-District2.jpg (5614 bytes)
(Click on the picture to enlarge)

Obtained about 15 years ago from someone in Southern California. Supposedly it was from a BSA council there.

Rob Kutz

Last updated: December 10, 2000  


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