Catalogs, References & Checklists

Scouting memorabilia links to Catalogs, Checklists, References and Resource Information

This section includes a number of links to connect you to catalogs, listings and checklists for Scouting memorabilia. Included is OA Insignia Guide, Council Shoulder Insignia (both CSPs and R&Ws), Camp Images and more.

Some of this information and links is open to the general public and some of it is restricted to the ISCA membership. If you know of any other links or checklists that you would like to see here, just send us an email. Catalog Coordinator: Mark Scheiderer ( and Checkist Coordinator: Dave Scocca (

OA Insignia Guide

Formerly known as Blue Book
Council Shoulder Insignia Guide

CSP's, JSP's and LSP's
Camp Images
on-line catalog

update in progress
over 15,000 listings
Scouting Memorabilia Checklists

Collections Merit Badge
National and World Jamboree
Memorabilia Links

Scout Camps

Collector Books 
and Software

Fakes, Reproductions and Overruns
What is it?


Official BSA & GSUSA Sites


Scouting History

This section provides links to sites beyond the editorial control of ISCA. ISCA makes no warranties as to the accuracy or integrity of the information provided. Should you have a problem with the content of any of these sites, please e-mail us with the details so that we can review thesite(s) and revise our web site appropriately

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